Large Engineers Granite Wine Tasting Table

An amazing stylish piece of furniture, combining historical components from both engineering and agriculture, this stunning item can now be used in a number of practical ways; kitchen island, serving table, wine tasting table and so on.

  • The base is made from wrought and cast iron, and was originally a Chaff Cutter, used in farming. It has been restored, and the metal work treated and painted.
  • Lining the metal work, we have added reclaimed pine, to produce a practical shelf.
  • The top is a large piece of black granite, reclaimed from an old engineering works; as a vintage piece, this granite bears the marks and minor chips on the edges, from years of use.
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 1220mm (122cm)
    • Width: 915mm (91.5cm)
    • Height: currently 870mm ( 87cm), but could be raised to standard kitchen island height of 900mm (90cm)
  • This solid piece of granite at 1220mm x 915mm x 152mm thick, weighs in at an impressive 1/2 tonne (500kg). We have specialised equipment to handle and deliver this item, however, access and flooring will need to be taken in to consideration, and reviewed prior to delivery.
  • Price: 4000
  • Delivery - please contact us for a quotation
  • Item No. xxxx
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