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Original Cast Iron & Oak Printers Bench Kitchen Island

Originally a printers "setting out" table, with cast iron top, this beautiful large bench was subsequently used at an engineering works. Items with this character, style, quality, and incredible patina, are becoming rare and increasingly difficult to find. This particular bench in oak, is in fact the best we have ever found.

We have sensitively restored this bench, and carefully adapted it to a kitchen island, which is practical in todays home.

  • The base of the bench is made from solid oak, which has the most fabulous patina after years of exposure in the workplace.
  • It has been adapted to a true kitchen island, with 2 working drawers on each side, and access to the shelf below from either side.
  • The top is a wonderful piece of cast iron, which bears minor knocks and scratches from its historical past - it has been specially treated so is protected, and suitable for kitchen use.
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 1530mm (153cm)
    • Width: 1030mm (103cm)
    • Height: 885mm ( 88.5cm)
  • Ideal as a kitchen island, this piece has been beautifully repurposed, with 4 functional working drawers, plenty of storage space on the lower shelf, plus storage for 4 wine bottles at either end.
  • Price: 6000
  • Delivery - please contact us for a quotation
  • Item No. xxxx