About Us

With their passion for industrial salvage, Jack and Claire, a husband and wife team, started the company, Beya Fontenay, saving relics from our historic past, which would otherwise be scrapped or left to rust. The company now rescues, restores and repurposes these items, to create unique and exclusive products, which have a practical and functional use today. Each is a unique piece of history, which has its own inherent beauty and character.

Having run his own construction company for 35 years, building and renovating anything from factories and schools, to houses, Jack is also an accomplished artist. Combining his skills, he is able to instantly see the potential in an item. He can visualise the finished piece, before any work has begun, and then create it to the highest standard, which is a huge asset to the business. From a design and marketing background, Claire also has the ability to spot the potential in things. She has a fantastic eye for quality, and ensures that every item meets the Beya Fontenay standards.

Constantly bouncing ideas off each other, Jack and Claire aim to produce some of the best, and most unique items in the business. Working with their like-minded team, they make practical functional pieces, that seamlessly fit into the modern home, as well as restaurants, bars, shops and hotels.

Whilst creating their own designs, they also develop bespoke pieces to fit individual requirements, together with a sourcing service.

The workshop and showroom is located in SK6, on the Derbyshire/Cheshire border. You are most welcome to come and view all our items, and discuss any bespoke requirements you may have. Just let us know when you want to visit, and we will roll the red carpet out for you.


Our showroom is constantly changing with a fantastic range of industrial, vintage furniture and decorative items on display


Jack dismantling a Victorian mangle


Claire adding the finishing touches to a Bamford table base